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Limitimer Conference Kit Item Name:
Limitimer Conference Kit
Item #:

This is a smaller version of the Limitimer Staging Kit (PRO-2000-Kit). It is suitable for a conference room, a courtroom, or a city council chamber.

See wireless model PRO-2000CBT-Kit

The kit includes the Limitimer speaker timer (PRO-2000), our small Audience Signal Light (ASL2-ND3) with 2-inch solid LED digits, an adjustable desktop stand (ASL-STD75) that is also wall mountable, all delivered in a high-quality water-tight transit case (CS-6000) with custom foam compartments for cabling. The kit price represents a $100 discount from the price if components were purchased separately.

The supplied CS-6000 case can carry an additional 2-inch Audience Signal Light (ASL2-ND3) - something that might be suitable for a debate - and an additional Podium Signal Light (PSL-20V) together with 2 additional power supplies and about 25-feet of Cat-5 cable.

High quality case holds Conference clock, podium signal light, timer, power and power supplies
Included stand attaches with M7 screws on 75MM centers and can be mounted to wall
Timer-signal light connections made with ordinary Cat-5 cable. Only one power supply needed.
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