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Cat-5 - DB9 Adapter for Touch Panels Item Name:
Cat-5 - DB9 Adapter for Touch Panels
Item #:

DSan Cue Lights can be controlled by popular touch panel systems or show control applications that can send and receive serial data. Use the Cat-5—DB-9 adapter (TP-2000X-PC) to pass ASCII control codes between PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini and the touch panel central controller. The touch panels can invoke any of the three possible cue light commands (usually Forward, Reverse and Blank) and display the states of the LED indicators on the cue lights (Green ON/DIM/OFF, Red ON/Dim/OFF and Yellow ON/DIM/OFF.  

Since the cue lights are programmable, virtually any keystroke or keystroke macro can be invoked from the touch panel.

See TP-2000X-PC.pdf for details on the API.

Works with PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini. For a completely hard-wired setup, interface with PC-Extender (PC-USB4).

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