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My system does not recognize The TimePrompt as a valid USB device. I continue to receive the following message: USB Input Driver Device has a driver problem. Name: USB Input Device ID: USB\VID_0483&PID_1014\VER_0.25_09/21/06 Error Code: 10 Running Windows 7, 32-bit OS
Where can I download the free software program to display Timeprompt clock time and light sequence on a computer monitor (TP-LCD)
I have an assortment of 120v AC to 12 volt DC adaptors. What is the pin configuration that I should use? (ie. Should the pin be Positive (+) or Negative (-)) What should be the minimum size of the transformer in mA (for example 200mA)
Does the timeprompt programming application work on a Mac?
Where can I download the TimePrompt programmer application to set up new phase light timing sequences:
Hi, I have purchased two Timeprompts and have found them very good. Recently one timer, quite inedependently, decided it wasn't going to play the game. I couldn't select a programme and when I did press the programme key the display simply showed increments of 30 seconds and then 60 seconds. Weird. I thought it was a flat battery and so recharged the batteries. That wasn't the problem. I then deleted the software and reprogrammed it. It still hasn't resolved the problem. The other timer works fine. So - I have run out of ideas - is there something basic I have been failing to do or has the unit simply spat the dummy? I live in Adealide, South Australia, so I guess if I can fix the issue then that would be easier for everyone. Hear from you soon. All the best Andris Bilkens
Are there adapters available to plug the TimePrompts into an outlet?
When I download the Time Prompt Programming tool there are no installation instructions. I don't know which file to download. Send me specific instructions showing which file(s) should to be downloaded. Thank you.
The Timeprompt does not work properly, what step should I take? We bought it in 2006.
need the yellow light to come on with one minute left on a 3 minute countdown.
I have 2 TimePromt's, I have 1 one receive and the other on. The on one keeps beeping, it will not stop. Also, it's the one I used for programming, the PC no longer can see it. The receiver one gets detected on the PC, but that's not the one I originally connected up. Can't stop the beeping. Thanks, Pam
I just purchase a timer and I need to be able to set it for at least 3 45min sessions back to back. How do I do that? It seems pretty complex am I missing something.
Some Toastmaster members have requested that the timer follow standard TM contest conventions; specifically that at overtime the red light extinguishes rather than flashes. Is there a way to set the unit up to do this?
Hi! I recently bought a Timeprompt. I need to download the Programmer, and then make modifications to the Timeprompt, but there was no USB cable, and none of the USB cables I have or my IT department has seem to match your configuration. How do I get a cable quickly so I can make the changes by the time I have a group debating with 8 minute time limits for their speeches. Thanks,
The red LOW BATTERY indicator light keeps blinking on my unit even after installation of new batteries. When I check the battery life using the button, it says 0:00L even after good batteries are installed. This happens for 2 of the 3 units I have. I could ignore it so long as they work, but it IS annoying and isn't performing its function. Any ideas?
So how do I get a USB cable for my $200 plastic box?
I see the Time Prompt has either manual or auto beeping with the lights. Is it possible to NOT have any beeping while the clock and lights still function? Heather Johnston
On a $200 plastic box that needs programming, why do you not include a USB cable?
Just received two units and downloaded the timeprompt configuration software. Software works fine but after attempting to "Save to Time Prompt" my updated configuration the PC no longer recognizes the "USB device". Are there drivers for the timeprompt? Can't seem to find any in the download.
I just ordered four timeprompts and I need to program them for one setting that includes 15 total minutes, the green light to come on with 3 min. remaining, the yellow light to come on with 1 minute remaining, and the red to come on with no time remaining. The second setting needs to be set for 14 minutes total, green with 3 min., yellow with 1 min, and red with no time left. And the a third setting with a total of 1 minute starting with the yellow light and then red with no time remaining.
Need the yellow light to come on with 30 seconds left on a 3 minute and a 5 minute countdown.
I downloaded the TimePrompt Programmer (zip) but when I tried to run it, I immediately got a CORRUPT INSTALLATION DETECTED error. Guess I'll have to use it "as is" next week. Larry Bohman 770-409-7717
What is the range of the wireless model of the TimePrompt ?
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