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limitimer - computer-based

LimitimerPC is an Windows©-based timekeeper App designed to activate remote signal lights that are connected to your computer's serial port through DSan Corporation's proprietary interface products. LimitimerPC is ideal for court clerks and city council clerks who are seated nearby at their computers during meetings. The small application window allows them to work on other applications and monitor the timer. Not currently available

Actual size of application window

Time settings are stored in files with an ".ltm" extersion. The files also define the timing configurations, "Advanced" or "Simple."

The Advanced configuration provides extensive control over the light activation. You can set the on and off times for Green, Yellow and Red lights and monitor time remaining for two different speakers. The Simple configuration mimics the Limitimer protocol: Set Total Time. Set Sum-up Time. Red always comes on at zero time remaining.

When you launch LimitimerPC, the last saved timing session file is automatically loaded. It is possible to preset different configuration, and load any of these when needed.

Please contact D'San to discuss your signal light requirements.

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