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The Deliberator
Signal Lights
The TimePrompt
limitimer - applications
Audience Signal Lights keep simultaneous programs in four conference rooms on time allowing attendees to select specific presentations, step away for telephone breaks and return to scheduled events.

(Brokerage Firm-sponsored industry seminar, New York City, Sept 1999)
Timer is controlled at A-V station signal feed simultaneously to digital display in conference room and in main reception area.

Four-inch high digits viewable from speaker's podium (150' away). Alternatively, small podium signal light alerts speaker to time with green-yellow-red lights.
limitimer users say
"LIMITIMER made everyone use available time most effectively."
Chief, Hospital Radiology Department
Boston, MA
"LIMITIMER was enthusiastically received by both timekeepers and time was minimal..."
Training Director, Motivational Meeting Organization,
Spokane, WA
"...the device fascinates...adds another high tech touch to our event..."
Chairman, Consumer Electronics Show
Boston, MA
"LIMITIMER was a good discovery...speakers at the City Council now rarely exceed their time limits."
Deputy City Clerk, L.A. County Municipality
Los Angeles, CA
  "With LIMITIMER, we know we'll have time to go home and sleep..."
Transportation Agency Head, New York
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