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THe Deliberator
Signal Lights
The TimePrompt
Limitimer - accessories
CS-518 Carrying and Storage Case
Dimensions: 15"W x 7"H x 13"D
Made of rugged polyvinyl; may be checked as airline luggage; water tight; custom foam padding; pockets for timer, two signal lights, power cord and 50 foot signal light cable extension

$104 CS-518 Buy Online
CS-827 Large Carrying and Storage Case
Dimensions: 26"W x 18"D x 10H
Holds Limitimer, Podium Signal Light(2), Audience Signal Light; with pockets for long extension cable

$320 CS-827 Buy Online
CS-6000 Medium Carrying and Storage Case
Dimensions: 20"W x 16.5"D x 8"H
Holds Limitimer, Podium Signal Light(2), Small Audience Signal Light (ASL2-ND3) with desktop stand (ASL-STD75); pockets for long extension cable and power supplies. This case is supplied with our Limitimer Conference Kit (PRO-2000C).

$200 CS-6000 Buy Online
Miscellaneous Cables
50-foot Signal Light Extension Cable (Supplied with Limitimer PRO-2000 Systems except for with international air shipments)
$ 25.00 KES-851 Buy Online
20-foot Signal Light Extension Cable
$ 20.00 KES-825 Buy Online
Cat-5 Cable Extension Coupler
$ 10.00 KES-800 Buy Online
Adaptor: Male XLR to Modular Cat 5 Jack. Allows signal light connection to timer using XLR cable.
KES-882 $ 30.00 Buy Online
Video Clock

Display a virtual Limitimer signal light on a video screen. Overlay on top of applications such as PowerPoint© to provide a speaker with Time Remaining on a presentation monitor. Select digits only, digits with green-yellow-phase lights or phase lights only. Re-size to fill any percentage of the screen or position anywhere. Select font color, text box color, or use custom bitmap behind digits. Video Clock connects to computer via USB and the Limitimer via Cat 5. Includes application software and timer interface. Click for detailed Video Clock information

$285 VC-2000 Buy Online

Touch Panel Interface

Limitimer can be controlled by popular touch panel systems. Use the Cat-5—DB-9 adapter (TP-2000X) to pass ASCII control codes between Limitimer and the touch panel centeral controller. The touch panels can access all timer functions including setting the time and starting and stopping the clock.   Real-time Time Remaining, phase lights and other data from the timer may be displayed on the touch panels. In addition, when using our large digital displays (ASL4-ND3), the touch panel can change the display from a count-down clock to a 12-hour time clock and vice versa.

$285 TP-2000X Buy Online

Network Extender

Distribute Limitimer time data over a network. Use this extender to convert the timer's data signal into a TCP protocol. Use a second adapter anywhere on the LAN or WAN to capture the TCP data and convert it back to the Limitimer format to drive any connected signal light.    With our free configuration software, you may configure the adapter as a server or client; give it a specific IP address; or receive an IP address via DHCP from the local router. The gateway and network mask can also be set to reach outside of the LAN.
The client can also be configured to reach a specific server-configured extender on a network port. A companion application harnesses a PC's processing power to act as a server for "hundreds" of client signal lights. Brochure.

$390 (pair) IP-2000X Buy Online

Signal Light Power Distributor

Connect multiple signal lights to a single Limitimer timer console. Provide additional power. Allows daisy chain or interconnections in a variety of ways. 6-port and 18-port versions each provided with a large enough power supply for the number of signal lights.
$285 PSL-PB6 Buy Online

$385 PSL-PB18 Buy Online

Replacement Power Supply (USA / Canada)

$20 WP-1 Buy Online
Replacement Power Supply (International - with swappable plugs)

$20 WP-Int Buy Online

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