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The Deliberator
Signal Lights
The TimePrompt
Limitimer - signal lights
Note: All signal lights contain both input and output jacks (RJ45) so that they may be interconnected in a daisy chain with other signal lights to create a custom display configuration. Use ordinary Cat 5 data cable. Signal Light connections can also be made with XLR cable using our XLR-RJ45 Adapter (KES-882). See Accessories
PSL-20V Podium Signal Light
Dimensions: 3"D x 4"W x 3"H
On board beeper; signal lights front and back
Additional signal lights may be plugged into on-board jack. Note: 1 PSL20V is included in a Limitimer System (AV-2000, PRO-2000, PRO-2000RF or PRO-2000BT)
$208 PSL-20V Buy Online
PSL-20VF Flush-mount Signal Light
Dimensions: 4.6"(W) x 3.0"(H)
See Dimensioned drawing for cutout

$194 PSL-20VF Buy Online
Audience signal lights
Audience signal lights may be powered directly from Limitimer or plugged into AC outlet when more than 200' away. They may be set to receive any or all Limitimer programs. All feature multiple in-out RJ45 or XLR jacks for a variety of interconnections.

Model ASL4 - "Traffic Light." Circular array of LEDS visible for 200+ feet. Case: 21.75" W x 6.5" H x 3.0" deep
$488 ASL-4 Buy Online

Model ASL4-ND3 - 4"-high solid LED digits with green-yellow-red warning lights. Can be used as digital clock when timer is "off." Case: 23" W x 6.5" H x 3.5" deep
$817 ASL-4ND3 Buy Online

Model ASL4ND3BT - Model AS4-ND3 with integrated Bluetooth receiver. Can be driven wirelessly by Limitimer PRO-2000BT. Note: Requires local power from included 12V transformer.
$917 ASL-4ND3BT Buy Online

Model ASL2-ND3 - 2"-high solid LED digits with green-yellow-red warning lights. Case: 11" W x 4.5" H 1.5" x deep
$420 ASL-2ND3 Buy Online

Video Time Display
See our Video Clock page to learn how you can display Limitimer time remaining and signal lights on large format video screens.
Wireless Communication
DSan offers Bluetooth© technology for wirelessly connecting the timer to signal lights. Range is about 200feet. Generally, the transmitter is integrated into the timer and the receiver(s) are separately powered devices to which the signal lights are connected via Cat-5 cable.
Limitimer System PRO-2000BT
Includes Limitimer with internal Bluetooth transmitter, podium signal light (PSL-20V) and separate Bluetooth receiver (RFR-2000BT) with its own power supply (not shown).
$1117 PRO-2000BT Buy Online
Wireless Receiver BTR-2000
An extra wireless receiver that works with a Limitimer PRO-2000BT. Includes power supply. Up to 6 Bluetooth receivers can connect to a single Bluetooth-enabled timer.
$160 BTR-2000 Buy Online
Use this kit to give wireless signal light communication to any existing Limitimer System that you own. Includes an external Bluetooth transmitter that is powered via the Cat5 connection to a timer and a receiver with its own power supply.
$300 TR-2000BT-Kit Buy Online

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