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The Deliberator™ is intended for city councils, community boards, planning commissions or corporate forums engaged in vigorous debate or public hearings.

Deliberator Remote

Deliberator® Remote is your mobile dashboard for meeting management. It is an iPad App that interacts exclusively via a network connection with Deliberator Windows© software and keypad hardware.

The app displays the status of each member and presents graphic controls for accessing the essential functions of the meeting.

You may install the app via Apple's App Store. However, please note, that the app has no functionality without a TCP connection to the Deliberator application. Please contact us to learn how to test the App to a version of Deliberator that is accessible online.
Touch Panel API
Deliberator Remote communicates with the main Deliberator Application using an ASCII message protocol defined by an API. The API provides for two-way communication between the Remote and the Base applications, and between virtual keypads and the base application.

Programming commands and interpreting data using the ASCII API is fairly simple. Some sample messages are as follows.

Put Deliberator into the Vote mode >SLAVE^VOTEMODE<78
Send a request to speak from a member keypad >KEYIDSTR=011^REQBUT<AB
Identify the first speaker on the list >KEYIDSTR=ALL^SPEAKSTR001=John Adams<EF

Popular touch panel systems such as those made by Crestron® or AMX® may use the API to provide voting and request-to-speak functionality on their small tablets or may design their own meeting management dashboard for their larger interface devices. The API provides access to the essential functionality of the base application. It is still necessary for someone to create members setups, pre-set session configurations or save votes on the base machine.

Please contact us to obtain the API documentation as well as a tutorial application.
User Guide
Download the Deliberator Remote User Guide here

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