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I’m having for many years now been using the VideoClock software. For some reason it’s always crashes when I want to save my setup. I have tried to save in the root directory of the software and the desktop. Saving in windowed mode helps sometimes…I always use it in conjunction with a Limitimer.
Can the font size be changed? I am trying to change the font size but no matter which size I choose, after saving the configuration the font remains the same. I am trying to make the digits larger so they fill more of the screen.
Where can i get a power supply for my speaker timer Model # AD1612CF
Any plans to provide MacOS software support for the Video Timer?
I am interested in a “shot clock” timer for a specific client who wants the numbers to be 15”—18” high. I see in your FAQ section that the video clock will go to any size plasma screen we have. Is the size of the digits adjustable through the program? I guess I am trying to figure out if I can size the numbers to 15” on a 32” screen or do I have to use a 50” screen?
Where can we get the Video Clock software ?
I have connected the Pro-2000 to the VC-2000 (cat 5 cable) and then to the PC (usb cable). The time appears normal in the default window (Start window), but when launched into another configuration it appears muddled and sticks between 31:09-31:00. I have tried restarting and changing setups, but to no avail. Any thoughts?
Hello, I am trying to display the video clock over a Windows Media Player video, full screen, but in full-screen mode the wmv covers the clock. The clock regains the "top layer" only when the video plays within the Windows Media window. Is there a way to use your clock with a Windows Media video running in full-screen mode?
Is the D'san video clock VC-2000 compatible with AV-1000?
I have an AV-1000 that has a power supply problem. Can I get a schematic of this unit? Sure would expidite this! Thanks in advance. Ed
Can you connect a Perfect Cue and Limitimer together so all work and display on the screen at the same time?
Hello! I am interested in the LARGEST count-down timer you have. We need to display the countdown of hours form 36 hoursdown to O:00 in a large convention center setting. What product do you offer with a LARGE display (say 2-3 foot tall LED numbers? Thank you!
I want to put the video clock on an external monitor connected to my laptop. I am using the extended desktop mode. But I cannot move the Video Clock object onto the extended desktop area. Help
Are there wireless products that would interfere with the Limitimer PRO-2000? We are receiving quite a few complaints lately about the timer beeping randomly.
Dear Sirs, we are very interested in your product. I wonder if you could change the time scheduled during the counting. I mean that sometimes we need to increase or reduce the minutes during the speech.
At what frequency does the Limitimer PRO-2000 Wireless operate? Also, will my previous question be answered pertaining to the unit lighting up randomly?
hello, Diaphramma from Rome Italy. we bought several perfect cue systems, and we're interested in this new product. Our question is: to make this new system work as a superimposed video clock/countdown source is necessary to have a limitimer too? Thanks and regards.
Can the video clock be used with the perfect cue mini?
Dear Sirs, Can we display the timer on the begining of a PowerPoint presentation and then he disapears until the last 5min he reapears for the final countdown? Do you have a external remote for this aplication? could you send us some data sheet or manual, do you have some resellers in Europe (Portugal or Spain)? Best Regards
Can you push this clock display to multiple PCs? say 8 PCs that are networked together?
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