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cue lights — Transmitters
Wireless Transmitters
Wireless transmitters operate on 433 MHz. They transmit on any of 256 different channels. Range exceeds 300-feet (100 meters) in the noisiest RF environments. Users have reported greater range.

Transmitters are powered by 2 coin batteries (#2032). Under normal use, the batteries could last up to a year. Models with a laser pointer have a separate CR123 battery.

Pocket Size
Weight 3.0 oz.; Size 1.8 x 3.3 x 0.62;  Antenna 1.25.  Laser: < 5 mw; Wavelength: 530 nm

Our pocket transmitters fit comfortably in the hands of most presenters. The large "forward" button has embossed dots for tactile feedback.

PerfectCue's USB commands are programmable. So any button can produce any keystroke, keystroke macros, or be disabled.

All PerfectCue Systems include one transmitter. Many customers purchase a second transmitter as a backup in case the first is lost or accidentally taken by the presenter.

PC-AS1 PC-AS2 PC-AS2-Grn PC-AS3-Grn PC-AS4-Grn
1-button 2-button 2-button w/Laser 3-button w/Laser 4-button w/Laser
$135 $135 $135 $135 $135
Buy Online Buy Online Buy Online Buy Online Buy Online

Note: Transmitters with red or green laser modules (< 3mW) are available only by special order.

Hard-wired Models
Transmitter/Signal Light Combo
Our in-line hard-wired 2-button transmitter connects to a cue light via a Cat-5 cable (supplied). The forward switch has a distinctive tactile surface. Button press is confirmed with green-red LEDs. The PC-AS2-HW hard-wired transmitter can also be used an an accessory cue light - as the LEDs will light when the cue light is activated via another transmitter.
4.5" x 1.25" x 1"
$135 PC-AS2-HW Buy Online
USB Commander - Pocket Size
Weight 3.0 oz.; Size 1.8 x 3.3 x 0.62; & Antenna 1.25.  Laser: < 5 mW; Wavelength: 650 nm
Plug this handy controller directly into the PC USB port. Navigate PowerPoint® or other presentation software with keystroke shortcuts — typically "Right Arrow" for next, "Left Arrow" for back and "B" for screen blank. The keystokes are programmable. Any button can produce any keystroke, macros, or be disabled.

12-foot (4 meter) cable makes it practical for presenters using laptops at the podium. May also be used in addition to PerfectCue to deliver other keystrokes.

4-button 2-button
$135 Buy Online
Transmitter Batteries
Coin cell batteries (CR 2032) should last at least 30 hours of continuous use. Prior to 2012, transmitters used smaller coin cells (Model CR 1632). Today, these are very hard to find. Not to worry. DSan will supply you with CR 1632 replacement batteries free of charge for as long as you own your cue lights. Please complete the form at Batteries.
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