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PerfectCue allows you to remotely control PowerPoint© presentations when it is connected to your computer via the USB port. Did you know, you can use PerfectCue to remotely navigate presentations that are prepared on Web pages and displayed in a browser!

The PerfectCue wireless actuator provides three keyboard commands: Right Arrow, Left Arrow and "B". By placing the Javascript below onto on each of your Web pages, and editing each script to assign the "next" and "back" pages, you can remotely navigate forward, backward and screen blank. In fact, the pages of this web site contain these scripts. Use your arrow keys to move around. "B" brings you to a blank page.

Copy the script below and insert the URL of the page that correspond to "Next" and "Back" onto each page. You may also designate a special page that corresponds to the actuator's Screen Blank command. The page doesn't have to be blank. It can be anything you want — a menu page, a home page or a page with your logo. You can reach this page from any page of your presentation.

What is special about the designated Screen Blank page is that you can return to the referring page by clicking any button on your actuator.

Script for all your Web pages.

Script for special "Screen Blank" Web page

Questions ?

Please write to for assistance installing these scripts.

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