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cue lights — accessories

Sentry: Monitor Cue Light

$135 Sentry Buy Online
Make sure you never miss a cue! The Sentry (4.5" x 1.25" x 1/25") easily affixes to the front of a computer monitor, downstage speaker or podium.
Connect to PerfectCue via Cat 5 cable. Dual RJ45 jacks allow multiple Sentry cue lights to be interconnected along a single cable "run."

Green, Yellow, Red lights correspond to PerfectCue's USB commands Forward Arrow, Back Arrow and "B".

Touch Panel Interface

$285 TP-2000X-PC Buy Online
Control PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini with popular touch panel control systems or any show control software applications that can send and receive serial data.

The DB9-to-RJ45 adapter translates PerfectCue's serial commands to simple ASCII messages. Send any of PerfectCue's three commands that are associated with its Green Arrow, Red Arrow and Yellow LED. These commands - usually Forward, Back and Blank - trigger keystrokes or keystroke macros stored in the cue light to be delivered to the connected computer. Usually the keystrokes are "Right Arrow", "Left Arrow" and "B". These keystrokes are configurable.

Receive back messages that can be used to simulate the cue light behavior - Green, Red, Yellow LEDs ON/OFF/DIM.

USB Port Expander - "PC-Extender"

$335 PC-USB4 Buy Online
Need to synchronize more than two computers? PC-Extender gives you flexibility to control any number of computers from a PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini over any distance via Cat5 cable. PC-Extender contains 4 USB drivers. Multiple RJ45 jacks allow "daisy-chain" or "T" connections. 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.25"
Carrying / Storage / Shipping Cases
Our cases for PerfectCue and PerfectCue Mini are made with molded foam inserts with pre-cut pockets to contain external power supplies, extra transmitters and USB cables.
PerfectCue Case PerfectCue Mini Case

$90 PC-Case Buy Online

$80 PC-Mini-Case Buy Online
PerfectCue Kit Storage Case

$90 PC-Kit-Case Buy Online
The PerfectCue Professional Kit is a popular option for A-V rental and staging companies who want a setup that provides feedback to the presenter.

The Kit contains two complete PerfectCue systems that may be used together or separately.

The case is included free. It contains pockets for extra transmitters and USB cables.

Replacement Power Supplies
For USA & Canada:

$20 WP Buy Online
Swapable plugs accomodate power outlet in any country. PC-Case contains hidden pockets to store different plugs.
$20 WP-Int Buy Online
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